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Charlotte apartments – Fashion trends in design of the bathroom


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Charlotte apartments – Fashion trends in design of the bathroom

Posted on According to professional designers, to have a modern bathroom you should consider a number of things. The best Charlotte apartments for me and my friends provide all the necessary conditions for this.
Modern bathroom should look both luxurious and simple. It can combine the different ideas, colors and configurations. The basic principle is it to be as functional and comfortable as possible. It is not necessary for the interior style of the bathroom to be in harmony with other rooms in the apartment. Minimalism is a leading style and is often used. The furniture is limited to the necessary items only to create a feeling of spaciousness and freedom. The bathroom will look unique if you combine properly the fashion trends with your own preferences. All colors in the neutral range are suitable. The sand shades never go out of fashion. Very often it is preferred to go with the combination of black and white. Of course, some bright color accents are allowed as well. Usually everything is retracted behind the doors of the bathroom cabinet. A good idea is to use a round, fluffy rug to the sink and multifunctional stand for the towels. Also you can use elements from the spa interior as scented candles. When selecting bathroom tiles, it?s good to pay attention to the color, size and shape. Instead of selecting one color tiles for every room, you can choose several shades that complement each other. You can create different combinations with them. The bathroom is a small space, but on the other hand is very important, because it gives a necessary relaxing environment. You could not go wrong, choosing interesting and unusual color pattern tiles. The wall tiles can be of different size or placed diagonally. One interesting idea is to make an original combination, adding small pieces of other materials – shells or imitation gems. Another suitable decoration item is transparent bowl full with pebbles. White ceramic, glass and tiles are the main materials used for the furniture of the modern bathroom. The presence of tub becomes increasingly relevant as a trend. But it is important that it should be a separate shelf at one end of the room to heighten the sense of privacy and serenity. Bathroom accessories must be aligned with the color of the room. Most of them are of silver and gold shade. Their appropriate use provides a stylish look to the space. The glass is also a preferred material in the bath interior. The mirror is a mandatory element in the design. Above all, it is good to have some source of light. If the bathroom is with square shape, the mirror must be positioned vertically on the wall. It is important to determine the height at which it is put. This largely depends on the overall appearance of the bathroom. In modern architecture bathroom is positioned adjacent to the bedroom. Another interesting feature is the presence of the window, and sometimes even the whole wall is turned into a window. Posted in Fashion Trends

Feng Shui tips for balancing energy in the apartment

Posted on The harmony and proper circulation of positive energy in the home is very important. The best Charlotte apartments for me and my friends suggest a great opportunity to create a pleasant living space. Feng Shui concept is based around the arrangement of different objects in the space in a proper manner. This will attract wealth, harmony, romance, professional success as well as wisdom at home and in the life. Placement of the objects must not be randomly done. There is a precise scheme, which takes balance between five natural elements into account – water, wood, fire, earth and metal. The water could be presented by ornamental fountains and aquariums. It is the symbol of professional success and wealth. The tree is represented through living plants which grow. It is stimulates personal development and creative thinking. The earth could be presented by pottery or stone and is a stable force which gives a feeling of security. The fire is regarded as most powerful element amongst all elements of Feng Shui. Represented through the red color, the candles and fireplace, it?s a symbol of passion. The metal attracts the energy. Furthermore, it helps for the concentration and motivation. According to the Feng Shui concept every room in the apartment should have a unique appearance and needs to be arranged in a way that it gives you a feeling of comfort. Each item should have an appropriate location, and any flaws of your room must be compensated. The corridor is the entrance of the positive energy. This is the first thing people see when they come in your home and the first room that you enter when you return.  If you want a mirror in the hallway ensure to turn it to the inside of the apartment, so that positive energy is not lost when the door is opened. According to the Chinese tradition, bedroom is most important of all room in the home. It?s considered to be the energy source for the members of the family. The bed must be solid and placed next to the wall rather than towards door of the room. The room needs to be with relaxing atmosphere, favorable to rest. The presence of electrical items can interrupt the energy cycle and will have a destroying effect on quality of the sleep. Brown, metallic shades and black have that calming effect. At the walls you could place different pictures and photographs. The living room should always look welcoming and warm. Let the soft furnishings and chairs to face the room?s entrance. Family photos at one of the walls will maintain the harmony. Correct solution is for the living room is an aquarium or a decorative fountain placed in one corner. Thus energy will be in motion on a constant basis. Most suited for this area, according to the Feng Shui concept, are soft and neutral colors. Cotton cushions or small velvet will bring a comfort. Posted in Tips for Balancing

What it takes to decorate your new apartment?

Posted on Finding the best Charlotte apartments for me and my friends is one thing and decorating it is another. Having done with finding the best apartment for you, it?s now time for you to take some steps to give it a presentable look. People often find it hard and daunting to decorate their apartment to make it look presentable. Here are some things that you need to consider when you are decorating your apartment to give it a homey feel. Most importantly you should give proper attention to the scale. Apartments are usually small and you don?t have to deal with huge floor-through having fabulous views that can be enjoyed from each room. So you need to be cautious about the size of the furniture item and make sure that they are appropriate according to size of the rooms of your apartment. In case there is not much space in your living room, you should not be wasting your money on buying a huge TV screen which eats up most of available space. There is no point in investing some overstuffed, oversized ottoman and chair which can take up all the space and there is no space left for something else to be placed in the room. Instead, the small rooms can better be furnished with a couple of small leather-covered or upholstered furniture pieces and you can also think about contemporary chrome chairs or the traditional plain wood ones. You can also find sofas in different sizes and shapes nowadays and hence you shouldn?t overlook the armless version creating an illusion of the open space. You can even think about the ones with slight curves for lending shape for boxy apartment. The door dimensions should always be measured for making sure that all the furniture well fits in. Another thing to keep in mind is the size of elevator of the building. It is often tempting for people to browse through upscale shops and they end up with empty pockets just after a single purchase and the apartment stays empty for them. It is, however, a better idea to consider the antique malls, junk shops, flea markets and church bazaars. They can turn out to be the gold mines that are often treasure loaded especially for first-time decorators. Even only 500 dollars can worth a million when you are shopping at the flea markets. Mostly you can easily find unique stuff that can fill in a complete room for you. There are large number of home furnishings shops which can prove to be quite helpful for you in getting the most suitable items for your apartment without breaking your budget. Different accessories can be bought at these stores and can mostly be found in wonderful condition. All you need to do is to make a search and get to a store that provides you with all that you need. Posted in What it Takes

How you can decorate your first apartment

Posted on If you have already found the best Charlotte apartments for me and my friends, the next step would be to decorating your apartment. It can prove to be overwhelming and baffling at times to decorate an apartment for the very first time. The apartments are usually small, architecturally deprived and sterile. However, they can be transformed into something unique and personal with a little effort. If you are decorating for the first time, just don?t get confused at all and enjoy this adventure. Here are some of the important things that you need to do for transforming your apartment into something you can call home and which reflects your true personality. First of all a view point is necessary to be developed. The trick lies in creating a put-together, cohesive apartment by deciding the kind of appearance you want to give it. You can watch the shows on home decoration and can get different ideas from the magazines and it will be helpful in determining the style you want in your apartment like country French, modern and sleek, traditional, rustic, etc. As soon as you have found the preference of yours, it is necessary for you to stick to that theme for all the rooms. If there is same style applied to all the rooms then it can give you rhythm and flow giving balance and harmony to your interior. However, it should be kept in mind that it?s not some movie set that you are decorating and all the details should not really have to match perfectly. Using old accessories can provide some sort of personality to your place and can deliver reflection of the person living in the apartment, i.e. you. Make sure that you do not create a ?circus? like atmosphere through the integration of so many different styles, patterns and colors. If you carry your view point all through your space then it will allow the area to look larger as well. Next thing you can do is to select the color scheme for you. Selecting 3-4 colors, that are your favorites, can simply do it for you and you can use these colors throughout the apartment.  If fabrics and objects are used wildly in all the rooms, you will end up making the space look choppy, visually distracting and broken up. If white and blue are your favorites then you can think about creating your living room which features walls in white, furniture with ivory slipcovers, white and blue porcelain accents and the shelves and tables in light-wood. Deeper blue can be used in the bedroom and you can use more of this through patterned bedspread, curtains and pillows. The theme can be given to your kitchen as well with the use of white and blue checked curtains and making yellow to be your accent color in the kitchen. Posted in Apartment Decoration | 1 Comment Search


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